Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Susan B Question!

HELLLLP!! I am starting my second ripple and chose the Susan B's Easy Ripple again. Last time I made it in the narrow size, this time I chose to chain 178 to make the larger one. However, when I reached the end of the chain I ended with a dip instead of a peak as my last "dooey". So, when the instructions say for the second row to skip one, chain seven, three dc in next chain, I don't have that as an option because I'm beginning on a down-stroke. Anyone know how to adjust this so that I don't have to unravel my first row and part of the chain or something? Thanks for any tips!!

Signed, a crochet dummy


Bella said...

Are you sure you have 178 stitches?

She sure is strange! said...

I double counted and definitely have 178 BUT, and this is a big one(mainly because I'm the idiot), I had done 2 humps when I should have done a hump then a dip. Sheesh!! I should NEVER attempt to crochet when I'm sick. It almost never comes out right.


She sure is strange! said...

In other words, in case that was misleading, I found my mistake!LOL

SusanB said...

Ah! A design variation. If you keep the 2 humps, the number of stitches between the 2 humps will slowly increase and the afghan will change direction at that point. Good for wrapping around your neck.

If you want to end/start a row with a hump, make 2 stitches in the last/first stitch instead of decreasing 1 stitch.

jen said...

Well, is there any way you could join to the last chain you made and continue to chain as many as you need to force the beg. ch. row to end in a peak? That's what I would do.

Because if you're going to add a border all around anyway, it shouldn't stick out or show unless you know to look for it, yes?

jen said...

Oops. Never mind. I just saw your post in the comments about having 2 humps...I'd frog it, because:

1) You'll have two humps in that one part all the way through the afghan, and unless you're a REALLY good liar, you won't be able to convince anyone it was on purpose.


2) It's just the first row. Be happy you don't have to frog ten or twenty rows!

Good luck!

She sure is strange! said...

LOL, I probably shouldn't post when sick either, I can barely understand what I was asking for. I did manage to redo the humps that were together so now it is working right. When I get my camera batteries charged I'll post pictures and yarn specs.