Thursday, September 13, 2007

Woo Hoo! Yee Haw! and all that kind of stuff

I finished the ripple afghan for my dad. Here it is:

afghan for dad for christmas 2007

I haven't taken the measurements yet. It is long enough to go the traditional way: side-to-side stripes, but can also be used the other way too! It is nice and warm without being overwhelming, and it folds up into a nice little square. I hope he loves it as much as I have loved making it. I think it is my best afghan yet. But I must say this next one is very close to being my favorite as well:

ripple afghan for one of my brothers

The cotton/acrylic yarn for this one is so very nice to work with. And it has a really nice texture too.

Back to dad's afghan; I decided to do the last row as a solid row vs. the lacy one if I had been following the pattern perfectly. I decided the lacy row would be too weak. I don't think anybody would notice:

edge of dad's afghan

So, what do you think?

Back to my current work - I had a sneaking feeling that there wouldn't be enough of the dark blue yarn and I am sure that I am right. I had the same issue with dad's afghan, but that was because I had changed my mind about which ripple to do after I had already ordered the yarn. I thought when I ordered more of the navy (for dad's) that I would be taking a chance that the color wouldn't be even close because KnitPicks said there wasn't any of that lot left. But I ordered 2 more balls anyway, thinking it couldn't be that far off. I got a nice surprise in that the order ended up being the lot I was looking for after all!

I hope that is the case when I order one puny ball more for brother's afghan. I hate paying shipping for just one ball, so I may order another afghan's worth of yarn for ME!!!! Now if I could just decide which ripple to do, and what colors to use! Thankfully, I realized that I had better check to see if there was a calculation issue for another afghan's worth of yarn (coming up) and I was able to get that yarn at a local shop vs. having to ship it.

So long story even longer - do your own calculations immediately after ordering your yarn to be more sure you will have enough, and if you don't you have a higher probability of getting the same lot number.


Susan (aka ZenKnit)


Barb Mcf said...

Beautiful. Your Dad's afghan just glows. I also like having the last rows solid as that's where the stress will be on it. Good choice.

Vanessa said...

Wow! You are just cranking out the ripples! Those are gorgeous!
Just in time for the cooler weather. Your dad will be very pleased!

PamC said...

Your ripples are beautiful and inspiring! How do you like the TLC cotton-blend yarn? Is it as light and springy and the all-acrylic?

Bella said...

How beautiful!! Love your colors. Everyone here has inspired me to start crocheting. So far I have purchased the 200 ripple stitch pattern book. I wanted to make the soft waves pattern, but got stuck right after the dc2tog twice. So I moved on to doing #160 Gary's Ripple. Thank you for your inspiration!

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

Thanks for liking my stuff. I gotta admit, I love it when all you all like my creations.

Pamc: I love working with this TLC Cotton Plus yarn. It is cabled vs. strands and is glowy and soft, it is sproingy too. It does wear on my hands a bit but that could be because I have gotten so used to working with fingering weight (my dad's ripple and my peggle afghan) and this is worsted weight. I highly recommend this yarn.

Donna said...

Love the afghan!! I dabble at crochet. The last thing I did was a Mile-a-Minute. I've just about forgotten the stitches. My favorite is the granny square. If you get a chance to get to a good Chiropractor...GO. Hands on manipulation. No jerking! If he has the "soft" touch, great. Question your friend. My Doc has a soft voice, hands and he's quick and gentle. You'll know when you've found the right one whether they use hammers or not, you'll know! Have a great weekend! Let me know!

Leah said...

Hi, Susan! I've been off the blog for awhile, but just now checked in again--also looked at your blog--I'm just loving your afghans! I'm also in the process of quite a number of afghans. Your 'ghan accomplishments are impressive!