Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nisa's Ripple Half-Blanket Done!


It's done! I actually fastened off and weaved (wove?) the edges in long ago, but just never got around to posting the pics. I decided not to make a full-size twin blanket because:
  1. It was eating up so much yarn that you know, when you go to a yarn store, you can't just buy one skein or one kind of yarn and so I was afraid we'd go bankrupt trying to support my yarn habit. And I still had to make another one for my youngest!
  2. I had a feeling that my eldest, for whom the blanket was intended, might not quite take to it the way I had wanted her to.
  3. I got bored of it. :D

This is how it looks going vertically on the bed. I don't like the way it looks this way, but at least it's long enough so that if she does ever use it, it'll cover a good part of her body.


I was supposed to make another for my youngest, and I did start it, but soon after we found out that she's got a dust mite allergy (among other things) and well, non-machine-washable wool blankets just were not a practical choice for their room. My eldest initially complained of it being too itchy, but now she'll at least keep it on her bed.

Now I have a whole bunch of this yarn left over so I've decided to try my hand at that Larger Than Life bag that's been making a bit of a splash these days.

Anyway, thanks all, it's been fun!


Katie said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!

Larger than Life bag? Hm. I might have to look that up. I haven't been blogging or following "trends" for very long, so I don't think I've ever heard of this.

Also, I know someone posted that they had a version the Soft Waves Ripple pattern that had been altered (I guess the original had a few mistakes in it?) Would you happen to have that version or know where I could find it? Just curious.

Tiffany said...

Holy cow...that honestly is the prettiest afgan I've seen in ages!

I've always wanted to learn to crochet, but I'm such an instant gratification crafter! LOL... I really need to feel some sense of accomplishment right away or I loose steam! Maybe potholders are my thing? :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, scrapsadaisy. It's always lovely to hear from someone new and get to travel over to check out their blog(s) as well.

Such fun!

Gracehoper said...

SOOOOOO pretty! Gosh, really really pretty colors. I've been moving so slow on mine but now I'm re-inspired. Thanks for posting the photos!

PamC said...

I love the colors. Is the Harrisville yarn washable?

nutnoh said...

katie - thanks so much! I don't know anything about corrections to the pattern - hope someone will enlighten the both of us!

tiffany and gracehoper - thanks to you too!

pamc - I've gotten conflicting advice from 2 different ladies at Harrisville, but in general, it's non-machine washable.

She sure is strange! said...

Beautiful!!! I didn't realize it was non-machineable wool, eek!!

I've yet to weave in my ends and have started another ghan(but decided it won't be a ripple). Now I've got to check out that bag pattern.