Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stripe blocks

Has anyone tried making a ripple afghan by making several afghan-wide strips, and joining them? I mean, like, say you're making a 150 cm wide by 210 cm long afghan, and you could chain for the entire width but only crochet the first 30 cm or so, and then bind it off and start a new strip, then when you had seven of them, you could just join them together. It occurred to me that that might be a nice way to avoid having an enormous warm afghan on my lap if I want to continue working on it over the summer. Mine's only about 50 cm long so far, but it can get a little warm sometimes. :)

I'm still new enough to not really know how one would actually join the strips seamlessly (and I've never made any granny blocks or anything), but ... although I'm really enjoying seeing my 'ghan progress, it's toasty! :)


Nancy said...

For me, personally, doing that is taking the fun out of making a ripple ghan. The joy for me is feeling it on my lap as it develops.

But, if you decided to go this route, there are many ways to join them together.

Good luck!

Book and Hook said...

There was a lady in my quilting group that did exactly that. She made a baby blanket. She knit 'feather and fan' patterned strips in a light multi, and a pretty turquoise. Also our church does something similar, there are knitting needles and crochet hooks and yarn in the lobby and interested church goes knit or crochet during the service. Our quilters group joins the strips into a large afghan that we then send to Afghanistan.
So to answer, yes this is possible and has been done before. In the case of the baby blanket, it turned out beautifully.