Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finished ripple!

I finished my (first) ripple on Saturday, and boy am I happy to have finished it. For a number of reasons: I only learnt to crochet 3 months ago, so it feels like a major accomplishment to have finished this; I'm ready make something else, with some different colours; I was getting impatient to see the finished thing; and it was getting too hot (it's wool!) to work on this!

Here's a post with more pictures, and here's one with some statistics - ha ha, geeky I know. But surely, I'm not the only one doing that sort of thing? Or maybe I am... ;-)


Pheelya said...

Congrats! It looks beautiful!!

Aim said...

Wow, that's really pretty! Love the colors.

Carina said...

Thank you very much! :-)