Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Rippler

I kept coming back to this site just to drool and then finally decided that I must have a blanket for my very own. Here's a photo of the blanket as of this afternoon (the fuchsia edge is the working edge). I'm using a bunch of worsted weight wools and acrylics and I think I may need a few more colors, but then I'm just going to repeat colors until I run out of yarn. The one stripe I'm not a fan of is the deep green in the middle. I used a chunky weight acrylic thinking it wouldn't really matter and it just looks so bulky. I didn't have the heart to rip it out, though.

I love ripples! I want to make a dozen of these blankets. I will, when I have enough money. It's summer and hot, but I can't wait for the temperatures to fall again so I can cuddle under this growing beast.

Also, feel free to check out my fairly new blog:

Happy rippling!



Sue J. said...

OMG, your ripple is just gorgeous. What pattern are you using? I love the color pattern, even with the green.. Nice job!

Leah said...

I don't think the green is really a problem--you'll find that as the ripple grows and grows, your not-so-favorite colors just blend into the festivities and don't stand out anymore. Beautiful work!

Kim said...

Your ripple is great! Don't worry about the green- I think it looks good and you definately dont want to rip out all that work!

mamabeck said...

Your ripple IS beautiful...I like the rounded shape to the ripples...what pattern? Can you/will you share?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! The color selection is great. Do you mind telling me what the pattern is? I love the softer waves.

Stephanie said...

Your ripple is absolutely stunning! What pattern are you using?