Wednesday, May 30, 2007

DONE :-)

...with my first ripple so far. I'm more than satisfied with this one. I was in a 'party-mood' all day after finishing this :-).

  • It measures 140 cm X 160 cm
  • Yarn used: 'Bali' from GGH - a soft cotton/acrylic blend, about 18 balls
  • Needle used: nr. 3½ or E
This will NOT be the last one. I think I've got a new habit - a good one :-).
But I already miss making the blanket...and the cure must be to make a new one.
So that's what I do. I have found/bought the yarn - the colors are a bit different than these ones:

I love them! This yarn is thinner than I'm used to - so I will have to use a small needle. But it's ok. I will make use the pattern called 'soft waves' from the Jan Eaton book. And I will start today :-).

Have a nice day.
Gitte B


charlotte narunsky said...

Gorgeous! How long did it take you?

GitteB said...

2 month - with some long breakes in between. But I worked on it almost every night - sometimes just one row - because i enjoyed it so much. Some might say I'm addicted...:-)

Aim said...

I'm inspired! You did a great job. It is funny how addictive this is...can't wait to see your next version!

Monet said...

Oh its so pretty. Can't wait to see your next one. :)

Anina said...

I love the new colors. It's going to be stunning. I'm definitely making one out of thinner yarn when I'm done with the thick and chunky one. It might be cooler on my lap in the summer heat. Maybe cotton...

Stacey said...

I can't do this, but I do understand addiction--I used to live with my cross stitch practically glued to my hands! Beautiful work!

Jesse said...

Very lovely! Well done - the colours are awesome.

GitteB said...

Thanks to you all!
I'm very pleased with my blanket - and it's already being used much. I'm having a hard time keeping it for myself :-). My husband is convinced that it's made for him. So I have to make number 2 :-) And I have already made 4 rows. I think it will be very nice.