Thursday, May 31, 2007

New ripple started & another planned

Well I couldn't wait too long before I started a new ripple blanket. I'm using Jan Eaton's Soft waves pattern again, I like the flow of it.
Don't know how big this one will be, I'm using up more of my stash & don't want to buy more yarn.
It's about 90 cm wide, so only time will tell how long it will be, it's a present for a family member.
I also have a new ripple planned & bought the yarn for it yesterday, check out the photo on my blog
I haven't started it yet, I will when I've finished the black/red ripple.

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Leah said...

I am finishing Ripple One while simultaneously beginning Ripple Two and also a plain vintagey striped blanket. These patterns make it so hard for yarn lovers to resist making multiples. I really like the new one you're working on!