Thursday, May 31, 2007

Help with Susan B's Easy Ripple Pattern!

Hi all- I'm knew to crochet. I've tried several times over the last few years to learn, but always ended up frustrated - not able to read the patterns. I decided to call it quits until I stumbled onto this website and was inspired by all the beautiful ripples. I pulled out yarn from my stash of incomplete (knitting and crochet projects) and am raring to go.

I have a question for all of you that have used the easy ripple pattern. When you get to the end of the chain/row do you complete six dc before you dec2? I chained 178 and when I got to the end of the chain I dc 6 then 3 dc in next chain and then decreased the last 2 stitches. Does that sound right?

This is my second attempt, I ripped out my first because after the 3rd color change my rows weren't lining up. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


She sure is strange! said...
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Riss said...

It sounds as though you're ending on an up instead of a down. You should work the final 6 dc... and then do a dec2 to make the edge straight...if you do a decrease right next to the increase, it won't look right i don't think...

I probably wasn't any help.

Try taking a close up picture of the end in question...

She sure is strange! said...

Ok, here's from the instructions:
"End by working 2 st dec in last 2 ch. Ch 2 and turn."

I just did the end of a row and, YES, there are 2 stitches left after you've done your six dc, so you'll have more than 6 at the end. Do the 2 dec in these last 2 and then chain. Sometimes it looks like you have 3 stitches left but one is the turning chain from the previous row.

Remember also that when you begin a row your 3 dc in one place is after 7 and not 6(like the rest of the pattern). This gives you the extra stitches to do the dec in.

Hope that helps!! It took me several goes at it too, even after I'd done several rows!


ps, I deleted my first comment in hopes this one might be easier to understand.LOL

J3SS said...

learn to crochet

something mentioned in the above tutorial about reading patterns - sometimes it helps to write out the pattern in plain english language to make sure you know what it is you're supposed to be doing next. Sometimes that helps.

Tracy said...

Thanks everyone! I think that the first time around I either dropped or picked up stitches at the end of the row. And this time I may not have chained the right number - it's easy to lose count with a 2 yr old running around. =)

I'm going to try again and if I have problems I'll post pictures.

Thanks again!