Saturday, May 5, 2007

My first ripple

This is every shade of purple I could find in Caron SS. Even though the top one looks like blue, it is "Iris" (almost blue to me). I was going to go with wide stripes of 6 rows and only 2 colors, as you can see from the beginning but changed plans midstream and got carried away. I couldn't bear to rip it out (again). So I will put a matching 6 rows at the end.

Pattern: #169 Malibu (200 Ripple Stitch Patterns)

Caron SS and H hook.


Cecilia said...

what fun to see a different pattern from the 200 ripples book - that's a nice one! and v. pretty colors!

Anina said...

I think I might need this ripples book, since the ugly ripple is just about done and I'll be making a pretty ripple soon.

Jenni-Raie said...

wow that's a lot of purple.