Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two ripple blankets at once - is it humanely possible?

So I've taken it to a new level - I am now working on two ripple blankets. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But I've promised my friend that I'll have a ripple for her for her bridal shower (May 26th), and gosh darnit, a blanket she'll have! I bought the yarn for said blanket yesterday (she picked out the colours last week, and I added an extra shade because I have spare yarn in that hue), and plotted out the blanket using the Random Stripe Generator. I even added the details to my artsy journal, as you'll notice from the following photo:

Beginning ripple blanket #2

And since yesterday, I have accomplished an additional three colours: a total of six more stripes. Now, I'm off to snack, call boyfriend, and add to the ripple sensation.

Ripple #2: Kristi's 'Ghan


Ellen Bloom said...

Nice work...the blanket will be beautiful. Your friend is very lucky!

Michelle said...

looks great...what a sweet friend you are... and very brave, I have the yarn for another ripple (ok maybe two) but I haven't started it yet:) let's see how long I can hold