Friday, April 27, 2007

Progress is Slow

Getting started:

Making some progress (with flash, excuse the shine):I'd like the finished size of this 'ghan to be about twin bed sized. My intention is to have it folded at the end of my DS's bed... when he upgrades to a "big boy bed." Since he's only 8mo I have plenty of time. LOL I started using a super low tech "random color generator"... scraps of paper with the colors written on them.

I'm not sure about the colors... I feel like I need some pink or orange in there but not sure if that will make it look too girly. Thoughts?

Pattern: Based on this pattern

Yarn: Mostly Red Heart Soft and some other scraps of softer acrylic

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DaniLane said...

i like that you've thrown the brown in there. i think pink may make it look a bit girly as you've already got the purple. how about orange or yellow?

mama k said...

hmm... I'm feeling the orange. I'll have to see if can find it in that brand.

Rae said...

Definitely no pink, maybe orange -- I think there's plenty of intensity with the turquoise & red, one of my favorite color combos.

Jenni-Raie said...

i like it. but i agree with the no pink for the boy thing. wait do i? maybe i don't. i wouldn't make it primarily pink, but it's time to break gender roles - embrace that pink! but maybe more orange than pink.

Judy said...

How are you doing with the soft mixed in? I've hit a bunch of soft in a row (courtesy of my 3yo random stripe generator), and it's bugging me because my pattern is back loop only every other row. It's too pull-y, and the whole section that I just did seems wishy washy. The next color is regular Red Heart again, so we'll see how it "firms up" after that.

mama k said...

to answer Judy, I am using primarily RH Soft so the drape is pretty consistant. I only did a couple rows with some scrap yarn... I'm not sure the brand, but it's actually thinner than the Soft. It has a nice hand to it, beefy but not too stiff.

I found some "tangerine" in that brand so I'm going to pop that in the rotation. I think that will ballence out the blues nicely.