Friday, April 27, 2007

Five down, Four to go!

I just finished the last color of the fifth repeat (these pics were taken earlier in the day, it was so pretty today in Dallas).

My little sisters are spending the weekend with us, so I got my sis that is 11 to hold it so that I could get a total shot.

I'm still thinking I should do nine, but I will need to measure when it hits eight repeats. There is quite a bit of stretch and the heavier it gets the bigger it gets:) So will see.
I feel like I am getting crocheters elbow and wrist, I so don't want to poop out but it does make me realise why I switched to knitting more often than crochet. Anyways here are a few new pics, sorry to bore everyone with the same ripple just

Love seeing everyones ripple!


Anonymous said...

your pattern reminds me of 7up...i love it :D

Kelly said...

I love the colors on your afghan, so bright and cheery and "hello world!". You are really moving along on this!

Jenni-Raie said...

i keep seeing these colours in stores for new clothes!

JennyRaye said...

Looks great Michelle! I can't wait to be able to post photos of mine.