Friday, April 13, 2007

hello, my name is

(yeah right, like i'm gonna post that here!) and i'm a lazy person.
yes. very lazy. i've been putting off blogging, for laziness purposes. thinking is exhausting. crafting as well.
but i'm back (i think), and i'm rippling, (can't show you pictures though).
i frogged some of my first rows, cause they were not looking good, and it required a lot of gymnastic abilities, but it's done, without having to frog all of it. i also took about 25 inches from the sides (also a manoeuvre deserving of Olympic medals - note the use of plural) cause it was too wide and sagging from the bed too much. it's good now, it looks good, it's good to ripple again, cause before it was so wide it was tiresome, and i got bored halfway through it. well, not anymore, i got a lot done. will try for some pictures in the near future.


Chrissy said...

Whoa, awesome! How did you manage to take some off the sides? I think I might need to do that too :-(

preeety said...

i just nipped right at the start of the row, and pulled it, until it was enough, and tied it up. it's more complicated then that, but that's all the explanation really. i had to do it row by row, and will have to put an extra row all around it, but it is much better now. hope that answers your question.