Friday, April 13, 2007

Kitty in a Blanket

I'm now eight and a half rows into the blanket, and guess what - still not feeling it. My cat, however, definately is!

Ripple Blanket: Eight Rows
"Mmmmm crochet and yarn." She says.
I am working on another pink stripe right now - same colour, different yarn. A bit wonky, I know. It's definately a different texture - this current one is kind of scratchy and every so often I find wood chips in it. Any idea what it might be?
I'm still worried that my blanket will be ugly. But still chuggin' away and letting Goddess Yarn take over. Next I'm putting in orange, then a white shade. I guess I'm not relinquishing all control to the Goddess.

In other news, I love how everyone's blankets are turning out. I'm itching to do a Babette, but must get some of these other blankets out of the way first!

xoxo Jen (


Rae said...

Kitty knows best -- blanket is good.

Susan said...

I had a lot of "I don't know if this is working" kind of thoughts, but I trudged on and finished. I love mine now. It kind of grows on you, just keep at it and somewhere in the process it will click.


kirsty said...

No way this is going to be ugly!! The colours are beautiful - besides, would you question the judgment of a cat??