Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Me too:-)

I'm one of the new ones here. But ripple has reached out for me as well, so I think this is just a wonderful place. I almost never have seen so many beautiful blankets at the same place.
I began my ripple a few weeks ago. And had a lot of 'starting-problems' - even though I use to feel, that I'm ok at crocheting. But never the less - in the start it looked more like ripping than rippling.
Now it's ok - and this is my work so far:

I use a yarn called 'Bali' from GGH.
It's very soft and very nice to work with. This photo does not show the colors very well - but there are some blues, pink, purple, orange, green and brown. I choose to make a system - mostly because I have a lot of the light blue color. So to avoid a lot of blue in the end, I had to do it in a way, that is a little unusual. I mostly prefer a random colorway. But the result is ok so far, so I can live with it.
It's a funny thing to work with. Quite addictive. Almost like meditation. I love it, and I can't leave it, even though I have a lot of other project to finish :-))))
And I don't think this one will be the last one.


Jenni-Raie said...

beleive me this wont be your last one!

GitteB said...

No, absolutely not. I'm already filling my mind with the next one. Well - my youngest daughter is helping - she realy would like to have such a blanket :-)

Michelle said...

It looks soft and cushy... What colours have you picked for you second one?

GitteB said...

I think the next one will be even more pink, purple, red and orange. But I'm not sure yet. You see: I love almost every color, so it's very hard to make a choice. But then I just have to make blanket nr. 3 :-)))))