Tuesday, March 6, 2007


So pleased to find a bunch of other people rippling happily along. This is my blanket attempt 2. I got a bit carried away with the first one and it was too wide for our king sized bed and just used up too much yarn per row. So after it had grown to about 10 inches I pulled it all apart and started again. This one is more of a twin sized blanket. Much better. And I am really using mostly scraps for it. I am a pure wool fiend, but I did have 2 balls of acrylic blend which I've hidden away in there. There is also some alpaca and alpaca/wool blend. I'm using all different weights of wool, so the ripples feel kind of bumpy too, and I'm not sticking to a two row per colour pattern either...it's just as the mood takes me and quite random. I am trying to stick to a colour palette though...it's mostly blues and greys with some punches of pinks, yellows and reds. I have some lovely sage green, but I am concerned that it will just be too many colours then. You may also notice that my ripples got a bit out of whack in the first 10 colour changes, but I don't think that it's too noticeable...and I am NOT starting again (again).. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's rippling as they progress.


Dawn said...

oooh, nifty georgia! i love how the variegated yarns add a whole different aspect...they really draw your eye along the ripple.

Chrissy said...

Whoa, that's awesome! Your colours are go really well together.

Margarida said...

Gosto muito deste crochet em
zig-zag, é muito lindo e difícil de fazer
bjs da guida