Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A gentle word about patterns...

I was hoping to not have to do this, but here we go.

We've received several comments asking for patterns from the 200 stitch book to be emailed directly to people. The material in the book is covered under copyright laws, so I have been choosing to not post those comments. I'm hoping you're understanding and respect that.

(I'm currently moderating comments to hopefully keep us spam-free, so anything from a non-member gets sent to me before being posted, so to this point I've caught them. However, anything from a blog member is posted without my review.)

Trust me when I say I totally understand not being able to run out and buy a new book every time you want to, but I would still ask you all to please respect copyrighted materials and the designers that work hard to provide them. However, there are plenty of resources online that I can and will be happy to share. I've added a new post label called "ripple pattern links", and here are a few to get started with:

easy ripple afghan

gentle ripple pattern

If y'all know of others, please post them and label them so they're easy to find.

Also, anyone out there interested in reviewing the books you're rippling out of? I'd love to see some posts of that sort too.

Comments and thoughts on this? Comment away, we'll discuss and debate.

Wishing you loads of rippling pleasure, Dawn the HRM.


maryse said...

thanks for posting this.

maryse said...

thanks for posting this information.

mk said...

ditto! there's so much out there, especially library books, too, that it's really a wonder that designers make any money at all. thanks!

kate said...

amen! I just checked a stack of crochet books out from the library.....