Tuesday, March 6, 2007

wishing the blankie was bigger so it would keep me warm

Hey all. I'm in Maine at the moment, visiting my sister for a week. The blankie has grown but I haven't figured out how to get pictures up on here from a different computer so you'll have to imagine: lots of light yellow, bright yellow, and a creamsicle orange that looks almost like pink next to all of it. There's a bit of the lime green and a dark purple for some pop. I started over after doing a little bit in SC's and being dissatisfied. Now it's half-doubles, a bigger hook, and so much softer! yay! photos to come soon...

best thing about maine is the proliferation of local yarn emporiums. Praying for some hermit-time to fully immerse myself in fibers. They know how to do wool up here.

anyone having weird issues with your edges, like when you get to the end of a row? Like it started with the wave going down, and now somehow the wave is on the crest? just curious, 'cause I'm not ripping it this time.

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Georgia said...

yes, yes, yes, to begin with my edges were weird and my peaks and troughs were getting out of whack, but I've worked it out now...I always add one extra dc into the chain at the end (I thought it would make it grow bigger) but it works.