Friday, March 30, 2007

Riss' Ripple - Start of day 3

Good morning ripplers :)

Today starts day 3, and a much smaller yarn stash. I've raided my Mom's stash too for different colors. I'm in serious need of some reds or pinks. I found a small ball of this beautiful mauve color, but its probably only enough to go once across instead of twice. Bummer.

Anywho, here are some new pictures. I've added the white, black and camo yesterday. This morning, I do believe i'll be adding a different shade of green from an afghan that i'm never going to finish. It was all shells of treble stitches and those are completely evil. EEEEVIL. :D After that, i'm probably going to add a beautiful light blue and browns verigated. Not sure what'll go after that. I'm a designer, so I can't just pick randomly. I'd only end up changing my mind afterwards. :D

As requested, I'm using a size K hook, and various yarns. Red Heart super savers and One pounders of pretty colored acrylics. I can't afford something nicer :\ It's going to be large enough to fit my king size bed in the long run, and measures about 9in so far.

Do you ever get going along... counting 6 and then 3 and then 6 and then 3... get into a nice groove... and then look back and realize you've forgotten to increase or decrease? I hate that...

I couldn't resist sharing this photo with you guys. I have to take my pics in the window because my room has like no good light. My cat jumped up there to sniff the outside. Pushed me right out of the way.

Happy rippling everyone!



maryse said...

i can't even tell you how many times i've gotten to the end of a row, only to discover that i made a mistake earlier in the row (usually at the beginning). it gets more automatic as you go along, but i still make mistakes.

be strong!

Riss said...

I've gotten good at fixing it in the next row, by adding extra or decreasing extra. And looking back, you can't really tell. Its just oh so frustrating. :)

Tawana said...

All the time I had to restart three times over the last 2 days because of that.:)

Tami said...

I even increased and followed it immediately with a decrease, then wondered why my stitches weren't matching... The perils of rippling!