Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Slow & Steady

Ripple, Day 2Here's my progress as of last night. I've since added the next colour (what is it? Stay tuned!). We're spending a few days with family due to some bizarrely timed medical emergencies (everyone's okay, thank goodness) - my bag of ripples was the first thing I grabbed in the middle of the night yesterday when it was time to leave the house. Man, am I happy I have it with me. More tomorrow!


Carla said...

Kim, it's looking good. Really good. You're going to LOVE this blanket when it's done! Are these all the colors you're planning to use? I like the grey next to the colors. Very handsome.

cladee said...

I just laughed after reading that you grabbed your yarn stash on your way to the hospital. You need SOMETHING to help pass the time in a waiting room! I hope the medical crisis has been resolved. :)

Kim said...

Thank you! Grey (and light, light purple, which looks grey in these photos) will be present throughout, since I have more of it than any other colour. There are some darker purples and pinks yet to be picked, and also some brown. I keep waffling between thinking I have enough yarn for the whole blanket, and wanting to pick up more odd balls to augment the stash!

And cladee, thanks for your comment. Thankfully the stash came with me to a relative's home, not the hospital, and all three coincidentally hurt/sick family members are doing well, all things considered.