Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm in trouble too

I've never actually done a ripple before now, so I had no idea just how damn addictive it can be. Last night the very first thing I did after I came home was paw through the stash. I think everyone else's colors are WAY better than mine -- see below for 21 flavors of fug. I'm hoping I can pull it off though. I do have a whole other stash that I will be looking at this weekend. I chained 303 and did three rows in three colors last night. And then I dreamed in ripples. This is bad.


mk said...

love it! 21 colors of fug. I think they'll look really cool together, in a 2 wrongs make a right way.

Anonymous said...

I'm in trouble too, but a different kind of trouble. after watching Alicia's ripple blanket @ posie get cosie come to life. i've wanted to make my own, but cannot master the correct stitching.

I can do a the seven double crochet, but struggle so badly with the curves (or should i be saying ripples). if at all possible can anyone give me a brief but VERY easy run through of the stich?


Dawn said...

anonymous, i can sure walk you through it, but let me know which stitch you're trying to do, the technique varies a bit depending on whether you're working a spiked "v" pattern or more of a smooth wave. Basically, the "peaks" are made by increasing (adding extra stitches) and the "valleys" by decreasing (usually by making 2 dc together. Let me know where you're having trouble and I'll do my best to unstick you.

...and if you'd like to join the blog, drop me an email at kyogadawn (at)visi(dot)com so i can send you an invite!

Dawn said...

fug made me laugh, thanks!

...and for the record, i too think they'll work up quite well....alone maybe too much, but together i think they'll make a statement.

Grace said...

I am having trouble even getting started! What would you do if you wanted more of a smooth wave? Like, U's instead of V's? I think I could come up with a pattern if some kind soul could just point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Carla said...

Michelle, it's gonna be way cool. Can't wait to see it work up!

Grace, the U/wavy ripples decrease by dc-ing two or more stitches together. You don't skip chains at all but work into each one. If this doesn't make sense to you, perhaps someone can point you to online directions for decrease and increase methods.