Monday, February 26, 2007


Ripple-Along!I am SO psyched about this ripple-along. I've gathered stash yarn, eliminating a few balls because they're too light or too heavy, and one that was just the wrong colour. That leaves about fifteen balls of DK to light worsted weight yarn to start, and I'll see where it goes. I'm using a 5mm hook and a wavy ripple adapted from the Harmony Guide (I'm working through both loops instead of the blo called for in the pattern - I don't want ribs). My two constraints beyond yarn weight are colour (though I won't be too picky) and natural fibre. The yarns I'm starting out with aren't all 100% natural, but I won't use any entirely synthetic yarns. This is both because I'll have to hand-wash the blanket anyway, so I might as well make it as soft and luscious as possible, and also because I love natural fibers and I want to love making every stitch of this enormous project. Oh, and also, I often can't resist buying a ball of delicious yarn to play with, and using it in the afghan will both ensure that I play with it and also that I use up all of it. Tonight: I'll make a long chain!

ETA: How wide are you making your afghan, and how did you decide?


maryse said...

ok, what do i have to do to play along?

Kelley said...

My afghan is 65" wide. I chose that width because it's a little wider than our full size bed and that's sort of when I got tired of chaining! What happens when we get a queen size bed? I guess I get to buy more yarn and make a new afghan!

Kim said...

Maryse - Dawn will send you an invite. Oh, this'll be fun!

I'm also making mine a bit over 60" wide. I chained 219. Updates to come later today.

Oiyi said...

I would like to join, too!

Michelle said...

Project! Yay!

I've actually never done a ripple pattern before. I've been frantically looking around on the web for one that I like ... I really don't care for those huge V ripples. I prefer the subtle ones like on the front page.

I'm very much looking forward to using my stash. I hope all the hideous colors go together in some kind of semi-harmonious way.

Anonymous said...

I want to join also!!!!
What do I need to do????

Anonymous said...

I want to play also !!!! What do I need to do????

mk said...

hey! this is amazing. I was just thinking 2 weeks ago, "yes, ripples..." and lo and behold. here you are. may I please tag along? I can't wait to deplete the stash and put the ocd to use.

PĂ©itseoga said...

great colours!