Saturday, February 24, 2007

My humble start...

I started my take on the stash busting ripple afghan last week some time, before Dawn and Kim had this great idea! I think I'll enjoy it better knowing that as a group we'll keep up with each other's progress. I know I'm looking forward to see what everyone else comes up with. Like Dawn I'm using the Donna Kooler's lattice chevron stitch. My yarn stash wanted something a little more open and more pronounced than the ripple. I don't have the incredible stash that others have; it's mostly acrylic or wool/ acrylic left over from Christmas presents. The colors are either bright or dark, but some pastel too, along with some stripey/ variegated. I'll just have to see how they all come together. I'm a little wary because there are a lot of colors that clash pretty badly. Where will that bright orange fit in?
Here's the stash:
Not the most organized, I know. I haven't decided yet how I'll manage all these colors. It may literally be a random dive into the basket...
I look forward to seeing everyone else's afghans!

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