Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ripple Toes

It has been a while since I knit anything. I have been concentrating more on crochet but needed to start another pair of socks. These are for my daughter, Shiloh (the original), in Seattle. I call these the Fruit Stripe socks because they remind me of the gum we used to buy when I was a kid. It is a simple feather and fan pattern with 2 repeats over 32 instep stitches. After I turn the heels, it will be all pattern all the way around 64 stitches.

I think she will like them.

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Rae said...

Cute socks & great memory of a memorable gum!

sabrina d. said...

That's awesome! I loved that gum when I was a kid. :) The yarn is perfectly colored for the gum, as well!