Sunday, July 29, 2007

Month 5 (Zoiks)

Ripple, Month 5
Originally uploaded by kpwerker.
It's so much fun to see everyone's finished ripples and to dream of the day -- no doubt months from now -- when I'll show mine!

Here we are as of this morning, solidly in the fifth month of progress (read: I've barely touched it in weeks). I figure I'm just over halfway done.


jmk said...

I like it. It's a subtle ripple - reminds me of gentle ripples on a lake.

Kim said...


Rae said...

I meant to comment a few days ago but got busy -- your blanket looks great! I got to the halfway stage awhile ago also but have just started working on it again. I'm finding that it's not too hot if the AC is on. I'll figure out how to post a picture soon.