Monday, July 30, 2007

...and now, a word from our sponsor.

I'm back!

I bet you all thought I fell off the planet.

In actuality I fell hopelessly into summer's thrall. All 3 kiddos home all the time and I have about 3 seconds of computer time daily. Just enough to keep up with invites, scan the comments and new posts and pop onto Ravelry if I'm lucky.

As you can tell, that means the promised blog improvements have been sorely neglected.

I have some exciting news though.

We have a new Ripple Mistress of Magic. Welcome Megan to the NEIS Ripple-Along admin team! She'll be helping with page design, link upkeep, and other general handy type things. If you have links for ripple patterns, online crochet tutorials, or yourself, pop her an email at: cheersmurf (AT) gmail (DOT) com. (y'all know you have to replace the AT with "@" and the DOT with ".", right?) We're hoping to get the NEIS Ripplers page up and running soon, so we can actually check out everyone's sites and other good works. Particularly if you are not keeping a Blogger based blog, pop Megan a note letting us know where we can find you.

As to my ripple progress...the blankets are hopelessly stalled. Even with AC, they are much, much too warm to be getting on with, or lug around. However, have been working on a new ripple for

and it's turning out just grand:

The pattern has to be posted first to the SOS-along, but will share it when I can. More pictures soon too.

...and just why does my ripple need to be portable?

It's likely the last summer my parents will have a pool, so we're taking advantage every chance we get. Big ripples, not synonymous with poolside fun. Ripple socks, on the other hand, poolside perfection.

Have fun, stay cool, and keep those ripples coming!

Your loving HRM, Dawn


charlotte narunsky said...

hello! Nice to see you!
Loving your little skull project bag - very very cool!

PamC said...

I'm so glad I found this site. I've been making giant granny squares for months, and have been wanting an excuse to make a ripple! Now my son says he wants a black and neon green afghan, and I think this would be a fun color combo to ripple. Now gotta find the green yarn. Thanks for the inspiration.

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

I love that sock yarn. Don't wear much yellow and orange, but I would be tempted to make those for myself. Socks don't have to match your outfit, right?

Dawn said...

hey susan! i'm of the opinion that hand made socks should make a want them to be noticed after all that work!

the yarn is lana grossa mega boots stretch...and it comes in lots of great you can find one you can't resist!

Aim said...

Love the ripple socks, that is great!