Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rippling in The City of Roses

Yeah... First week of Rose Festival here in the City of Roses, Portland Oregon.So it seems only appropriate to hike a whole three blocks over to one of our neighborhood rose gardens...since it's not raining as one would expect this week. This also happens to be a spot I enjoy sitting and rippling. :D

Pattern here 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns .Yes.. yet another Soft Waves. Why reinvent the wheel.. the original popular choice is grand.
Yarns.. Caron Simply Soft, RH Soft Yarn, and a few pale tones of TLC Essentials.

Hook : Clover Soft Touch sizes G / 4.4 mm and H / 5.0mm .

Started with 200 ch. wide. Measures 50 inches wide.
* Now... confession time,
I'm brandie new at bloggin' back when I started our Head Ripple Mistress's vacation started and I needed to wait to join all of you. No biggie.. BUT in the process I did not post my first ripple photos here in this blog. Sorry... :(
So............ If I do this right....???
HOORAY !!!! It worked !
So while I continue patting myself on the back...
go there if you wish.. and see where this all started.


nutnoh said...

Wow - what a stunning blanket! I love how colourful it is.

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

Very very pretty.

renee said...

Great blanket and great photo!

Aim said...

That is really beautiful! Great job!

Patricia said...

Wow, what a beautiful blanket. I love the colors.

Larry and Deb said...

Your afghan looks similar to mine. :D I have about 25 more color bands to work, and I'll be done. It's SOOOOO huge, though! I think I'll have to take it outside and drape it over our van to get a decent picture. LOL

Good work, by the way! I love it! :-D


babette said...

Beautiful ripple! AND you have such gorgeous afghans on your blog! Love them all!!!!

Megan said...

Do you like those clover hooks? I'm thinking about ordering some. My hands cramp quite a bit after several hours with the hook.

Your blanket is just completely beautiful. I wasn't fond of the soft waves pattern until seeing yours, now I may want to try it.

Freda said...

Beautiful! Do you find much difference between RH soft and Caron Simply soft?

BTW, are the roses in the background yours? They are stunning.

Nancy said...

There you are Pam! LOVE the afghan! And, it may not be raining where you are, but it is here. LOL Love every minute of it too.

Hugs and gorgeous ghan!

Jenni-Raie said...

the rose city is also Windsor, Ontario.

-Pam L- said...

Thank all of you so very much !
As normal..I've been short of time.. so by now I'm not sure answers to questions here will be seen. That will teach me.

Special 'Hi" to Nancy... glad ya spotted me.

Yes.. the Soft Touch Clover hooks are the key ingredient in both working with Simply Soft.. and old or new hand / wrist problems. IMHO.

RH Soft yarn is slightly thicker than the Simply Soft.. so I use a G hook on the RH Soft..and an H hook with Simply Soft in the same project.. this seems to even things out to me. Though I'm sure this is not a common thing folks worry about. = :-o

TY Jenni Ray.. Very cool to learn about a second City of Roses...our Grand Floral parade was to day.. in the rain. That's OK.. we are never surprised by this. Keeps the flowers fresh on the floats. ;)

-Pam L- said...

Sorry 'bout the spelling.. .
-Pam L-