Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another new rippler!

Hi, I've been admiring these for a while, and joined when I first started my first ripple - the pattern is feathery fans afghan. This is where I am so far, but I think I got lost somewhere in the last row. Most likely when I set it down for a couple days as I'm 2 stitches short at the end of the row I just finished (my first repeat, about 7 rows into it). I'm not sure where, but it also seems much looser for this section than the first - and I'm pretty sure I've not changed tension, but I guess perhaps I did. Heh.

Here is a photo of it, and I may have to frog back to the solid blue to figure out where i went wrong. I'm going to get a stitch counter, or those flip notecards to keep track of it next time. :)


1 comment:

Aim said...

Very pretty colors, can't wait to see more progress!