Friday, June 1, 2007

Christmas ripple-first repeat

Yes I did start a Christmas ripple. I plan on making a few for gifts so thought I might need to start now. I scoured the stores for holiday yarn and well....there is none. The lady in the yarn department at Walmart said the holiday yarns come in around September. So I got the multicolor red-white-green on Ebay and bought solid red and green Caron Perfect Match locally.

The red stripe in the photo looks a little orange, but it is not. Will post the finished product.

(Megan: thanks for your encouragement-I mastered the granny ripple pattern!)

Pattern: Granny chevrons #190 (200 Ripple Stitches)

I hook


Megan said...

yea I'm so glad some others are trying the granny chevron. It's such a fun pattern! It looks wonderful hun. I too, am starting on my christmas gifts already.

helenw said...

Cool! I was thinking about adapting a round ripple pattern to make a tree skirt -

charlotte narunsky said...

My four year old daughter has just said "I think that blanket is very pretty, I would like to make it when I am older"! She speaks for both of us (although I am probably old enough!)

diane said...

have you checked The Coats and Clark Collection catalog? it has all their yarns in all the colors pluS patterns, etc. COATSCOLLECTION.COM......your ghan is going to be beautiful!

Dorothy said...

I can't wait to it finished. It's going to be simply gorgeous!

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

Nice! I just love christmas colors. In the future you may want to check out great prices and the shipping is reasonable. I bought 3 afghans-worth for my christmas gifts.