Friday, May 4, 2007

Soft Waves Question

I began a small SW ripple last night and it looks like it's working out well but something is puzzling me and I don't want to go any further till I make sure I'm doing this correctly. Naturally, I knew just where to pop in for help. :)

I cast on 63 chains (multiple of 12 plus 3). However, when I come to the end of the row (each row is the same at the end), it says: 'ending last rep with 2 dc into 3rd of ch 3, turn. I've been doing the row from the * to * but I end up doing 'dc into each of next 3 dc, [dc2tog] twice, 1 dc into each of next 3 dc , but at this point at the end I only have room for the last 2 dc into 3rd ch of ch 3.

So, what happens to the [2 dc into next dc twice] because I have no room for that so I go from 1 dc into the next 3 dc right into 'ending with' and have to skip the above bracketed instructions. I hope this is clear and not too muddied up to understand.

The blanket looks good but I can't help thinking that I shouldn't be skipping the last part of the directions in row 3.....can you help?

Thanks, Laura


Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly sure if I understand your dilemma, but you should end every row with the "3 dc in each of next 3 dc, dc2tog, 3 dc in each of next 3 dc, 2 dc in last dc(ch-3dc)." It should end this way every row, so I hope that helps. When I made my blanket, I looked at the pattern for the first and second rows, then didn't pay attention to the third row because every row should be the same (hence the multiple of 12 thing). But I memorize the gist of a pattern if it's easy, so I may have overlooked a typo.

Michelle said...

I think you are doing it exactly right. I had the same problem or something close, if you want to email me and I'll send you the corrected version(or what I found to work when I wrote and rewrote the directions), so that you can see if we came to the same fix. My email is Can't wait to see pics of your ripples:)

Tawana said...

Hi I'm working on the same pattern too and the first couple of time I tried it I had problems because I was misreading the pattern. YOu should be ending each row with 2dc in the chain 3 dc. Anyway your ripple is very pretty