Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ripple II : Son of Ripple

Did any of you guys go through a period of mourning when your ripple was finished? I couldn't stop thinking about rippling. I kept finding myself imagining crocheting the next row.Then I would remember that it was All Over and feel sad. I had serious Crochet Angst. So, meet S.O.P. - Son of Ripple...ripple two
After several weeks of grooving on hot pink and red together (a la the edging on my first ripple), I knew that was where this one had to go. Pink to red and then maybe (haven't decided yet) a row of chocolate brown or periwinkle blue. I plan to make little red pom poms to attach to the points of each edge. I love red pom poms nearly as much as red ric rac and red buttons!
I wonder how far I'll get through this one before I start dreaming of Ripple III : The Next Generation??

ps If you like vintage findings, check out these cool buckles I found a couple of days ago.


Anina said...

I love, love, love those colors. Pink is my very favorite color and those colors remind me of strawberry milkshake when the syrup line is still visible in there. Yum!

Patricia said...

I love your colors too. What pattern are you using? I am doing a soft wave ripple, gut I really like the looks of yours.

kirsty said...

Oh Patricia,I wish I could tell you! I am such a hopeless crocheter. I started with the crayon ripple throw pattern here
and ended up fudging EVERY row because I can't read patterns!! It's basically one row of single crochet followed by a row of double (x2) for each colour. Please let me know if I can help any more but I doubt I can!