Monday, May 28, 2007

Ripple 1 ,2, and 3 ?

This is the original ripple that I started. ripple #1
Ripple #2 using Manos Del Uraguay
And Ripple #3 Maybe...See I was teaching someone how to amke a ripple and it seemed like it would be easiest to just start one from the beggining, so here it is #3 it would have to be made using a variety of yarns because this yarn is hard to find and cost too much for a whole blanket.

I haven't seen many ripples that use a variety of yarns. I would need to vary my yarn gauges slightly because this is an odd yarn. It's slightly thicker then a worsted .
To get all the info on my 3 ripples you can check out my blog. I have more pictures there too.

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mk said...

love manos del uruguay! that will be gorgeous!!