Monday, May 28, 2007

The End of the Ocean

...of ripples!

I finally got the pictures of my finished Soft Waves Ripple off my camera!
It took me one week and one day to make this blanket for a friend of mine back at the end of April/beginning of May. In order to use up some of my scrap yarn, I used two main colors of three rows each, with one row of scrap yarn in between. That way, if I only had a little bit of something left, I only had to do one row with that color. The finished size came out to be approximately 40x60", perfect size for a lap blanket.
I really liked the way it came out and my friend was speechless when I gave it to her. I didn't know what her favorite colors were, so I picked something I knew I would like, and it was perfect. She teaches, so she keeps the blanket in her office to wrap up with when it gets cold in the building. I really liked the Soft Waves pattern a lot. I found the pattern to be easier to use with a larger size hook, which helps the project go really fast and makes the fabric drape really well. For this afghan, I used a size K, which seems to be my hook of choice right now because I made another ripple using size K that I also love, love, LOVE! I don't have pictures of that one finished, but it turned out beautifully, as a gift for myself (hey, I can't give all my ripples away!). I even put an edging around the finished piece, which I thought might not work, but ended up making the afghan absolutely perfect! Ripple afghans seem to be hard to put edges on; you have to find just the right one to balance the ripples in the body of the afghan.
So far, I have made three ripples to date, I am almost finished with my fourth ripple, and I have plans for another one already! There truly is no end in sight for my ripples!


She sure is strange! said...

That is gorgeous!! I like the idea of having the main colors with small bits of scraps in the mix. Now, this business about telling about that edged afghan without posting a picture!! I *think* that may be against the *rules*, LOL! If you can find a way, I'd love to see it!


Kim said...

Beautiful! Another wonderful ripple makes its way into the world.

Anonymous said...

I just haven't taken a picture of the other ripple. I promise, you will see it. I swear on my grandma's crochet hooks!