Tuesday, May 29, 2007

returned from hiatus

Hello Fellow Ripplers!
I haven't posted in a very long time here, as I didn't have anything new in the works, ripple-wise. The baby blanket turned out great, and was well received too! The new mommy's grandmothers were also adept with the hook and made some precious layettes as well.
Here's a pic of the finished blankie, just to remind one:I decided to make a bigger throw for a friend who is getting married soon, with two rows of DC's in each color, with my favorite gorgeous L hook(made of tiger wood in vietnam):All the yarn is from my stash, washable acrylic and other fibers--lots of red heart soft, mixed with more scratchy red heart cheap, then some fuzzy stuff and yarn from a recycled sweater, and some lion suede (which I normally hate the feel of, but was 99c at a discount store! 6 bucks off!). I am trying to keep all the color values in the same family, no lighter colors or pastels, and it's turning out really well so far. I think there are about 17 different colors:Enjoy!

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Jenni-Raie said...

ah i LOVE the one you've finished! the colours are so herb-like! and spices too.