Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Novice Questions

Hi there, I'm new to this blog and new to crochet. I tried to get started on my Soft Waves (from the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns book) ripple blanket yesterday and I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong. I have a couple of questions...

1. The pattern says that you should start with a foundation chain of 12 + 3 chains. I'm using 195, but I'm not sure if I should count the one on my hook. I don't think that I should, but I just thought I'd ask the experts for clarification.

2. The pattern also says that you should end row 1 with 2dc into the last ch. If my math is correct, you should only have enough chains for this to be the first of [2dc into the next ch] twice. Am I right about this?

I think I'm having trouble starting with the right number of chains. Who knew that it was so hard to count to 195.

Thanks in advance for any helpful hints


Laura said...

Hi Courtney,

I had the same troubles when I began the first row of the soft waves also, so don't feel bad.

You do not count the loop on your hook when counting your chains...only the ones you can see which are formed already.

You will be ending the first row by placing 2 dc into your very last chain but only once at the end instead of twice as before.

Hope this helps.

Freda said...

Thanks for asking these question. I needed the answers, too.

Michelle said...

Anyone that wants to send me an email I will send you a corrected version(or what worked for me):)

Anina said...

All I can say is, read the reviews on this book on Amazon. It seems like everybody has trouble with these patterns.

Claudia said...

My strategy for long chains is to chain some easy interval like 20 or 50, attach a safety pin and continue. Makes it so much easier to count stitches. (I do the same thing for long knitted cast-ons and it works like a dream.)