Sunday, May 6, 2007

more ripple graffiti!

I've been crocheting some more ripples. And since last night was a Masquerade night they're now up on the streets of Stockholm.
they're a bit tricky to sew on
trying our very best to fit the ripples together
it's worth the effort
and they look even better in daylight
turkos o lila

As much as we love crocheted ripples, we're doing our best to be a bit variated. Right now we're very much into dressing statues. We'd also like to try knitting some ripples - any tips for a nice and easy ripple knit pattern?


PSBBDesigns said...

Do you know if people are wondering/inquiring about the source of the graffiti?

It's very cool/clever!

Ellen Bloom said...

Ripples rule the world! Good work!

Masquerade said...

But isn't the mystery what makes street art so great? One day there is a knitted postwarmer on your street, and in a week or two it might be gone. You have no idea who put it up or who removed it - or how and why they did so.

If people really do wonder they can check out our blog (there is a small tag with the address on every yarn tag we put up). And that's nice for us as well, cause then we can know what people think (others than those nightly wanderers who pass by while we're out tagging) through the comments.

So far we've only had positive feedback :)

It's Me, Maven... said...

That is such a fantastic idea!!! I've seen that done elsewhere, and I'm always enthralled when I see it!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I really like the ripple effect, looks fabulous.
rock on!