Tuesday, May 8, 2007

FO!!!!! Picture Heavy

Weeee!!!!I stayed up and finished my ripple last night. I started it April 7th and finished it before bed May 7th. It is draped on my queen size bed so it is pretty big.(excuse the bedside mess, that was where I was working last night and this morning just started taking pictures)

I only did 7repeats of the four color repeat instead of eight like I thought it would need. The finished size is about 50in by 65in.. I did end it in three rows of light green and then did a single crochet around the edge tucking all the ends in.

I then with a needle tucked a bit more in. So this is what I was left with.

I already have the yarn for my second. This windowsill is kinda our head board and this is what I look up and see while in bed. I love it. I think I'm gonna add a few more colors.

Here are a few more pictures. I love seeing every one's ripples and I can't wait to post about my second ripple:)


Leigh said...

hey... im attempting my first ripple how do u get the wholes to line up?

Lynne said...

Congrats on the FO! It's really beautiful! I love the colours. When you did your edging, did you simply single crochet in each stich? (even where there used to be a ripple pattern?) I'm almost done mine and I'm not sure how to edge it....I'm afraid it won't lay flat.

Sherri said...

I love your dog:) I love your color choices fantastic!

Anina said...

I LOVE the colors! What yarn did you use?

mama k said...

juicy, citrus colors! Love it!

Stasia said...

The ripple is great, but that DOG is ADORABLE!

nutnoh said...

Great job!!

sabrina d. said...

Such cheerful lemon-lime colors! I love it!

Also, your dog is adorable! Dachshund?

Michelle said...

Thanks everyone for all the great comments...My furry little baby is Emory, she looks kinda mad in the pictures, she is sooo funny when I get the camera out..
Leigh, I'm not sure what you mean by the holes? Are you using the soft waves pattern? If you want email me the page/pattern number and I'll send you the corrected version(well the version that worked for me anyway:)m_darcey@yahoo.com

Lynne, I did do a sc into each stitch and for the sides I did two sc for each color(three rows..it seemed to work for me). For the top and the bottom I did the same. I was afraid that it would make it curl, which it did a little. I just tried to make those sides looser than normal. I think once I wash it it will be fine:) It did really work well for tucking in all the ends. I don't think I will do the same for the next because I want to do two row colors instead of three, so I think I will crochet over them as I go.

Anina, I used Red Heart Super Saver. I can't believe how far one ball of that stuff will go. I only used one and a half balls of each color for the whole thing:) The next one is Caron Simply Soft, much softer.

Sabrina D, yes she is a mini dachshund. We have SIX. She was the only one that would sit still for the picture though..lol

Thanks again everyone:)

Judy said...

I really love your colors. I've been driving around feeling inspired by the spring colors, and thinking I might want to do something in that palette.

My husband likes your dog. :)

Queens Knitting Mama said...

I love the colors. Very very pretty! Congrats!