Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Here she is:

Peggle is complete - ripple afghan

72" by 84" (approx, she keeps moving, you know how wiggly children are). Exactly as planned. I wish she was a bit bigger, but it is too late now.

Yarn: KnitPicks.com fingering weight Palette, 100% wool. I used 22 different colors out of the 30 total colors they have. I didn't buy black and any of the browns, except for the color Fawn, which I put in because it looked like a dark orange to me. 1 skein each of blush, petal, peach, apricot, orange, fawn, lemon, yellow, grass, green, pool, blue, lilac, purple, tan, twig, cream and white. 2 skeins each of red, sunlight, mint and sky. Each skein was used for 3 stripes (each stripe being 2 rows).

Crochet Hook: Started with a 4/E and switched to a 5/F without making any difference in the stitch size, done for better ease of crocheting because the yarn is a splity 2-ply.

Pattern: Soft Waves from the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns, edited by Jan Eaton. I did 24 repeats across and 84 stripes, each stripe being 2 rows.

Plan or random: A planned random. I had to make sure that the colors were somewhat evenly distributed, so I created a plan on paper by just plopping in each color so that it would be somewhere within the 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 sections. After crocheting the first 15 rows I realized I had a blob of pastels:

blob of pastels

Not wanting that to happen again, I started making changes as I went. Lots of changes:

1st sheet of plan

2nd sheet of plan

3rd sheet of plan

I think the colors work together okay, even though there are so many. I find myself really liking how each section kind of creates a story of color. If you want to see even more photos of sections of Peggle, be sure to visit my Flickr photos.

I have a bit of yarn left:

Yarn left-over from Peggle

Along the way I figured that each stripe (2 rows) used up about 16 gm of yarn. I could weigh the remainder and see what I have, but I can't find my scale right now. Okay, so I know where it is but just don't want to trek upstairs.

I am in the midst of planning more sedate afghans for Christmas gifts. Some knit, some crochet. My sister Chaachi is helping me with the colors. I ordered yarn for 3 so far, and while I wait I will be knitting another afghan for myself - out of the discontinued colors of Cotton-Ease. Squares of 2 colors each in a small riot of bright colors - pink, red, blues, white, yellow, orange, etc.



nutnoh said...

This is fabulous! I love the details you gave too - so helpful!

Kim said...

It's beautiful! Well done!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! You beat me to the finish line!

Kathryn Estelle said...

Beautiful work, and great reporting!

Dawn, I would like to join, please.
(kathrynestelle@gmail.com) Thanks!

Michelle said...

Wow, that's amazing. So beautiful. You are so organized.

Madelyn said...

Oh my that is absolutely gorgeous.

I would love to join this CAL. My email is msmadelyn at gmail dot com

It's Me, Maven... said...

Hey! With all that left over yarn, you can make some fabulous granny squares for the granny along!

Susan said...

Thanks for the comments! I am thinking a scarf done up in the same repeat pattern because I love it so much. We shall see...

Rae said...

I would never tire of looking at this blanket -- you obviously have a deep and ongoing relationship with color. And now you're thinking of making one (or more?) as a Christmas gift! Please do keep taking pictures and sharing them.

jillz said...

Hooray for you! Well done, it's gorgeous!

Mary J. said...

Great colors! Very detailed post, too!

Anonymous said...

you inspired me to use the same yarn. i love how it drapes, how light the ghan is, and how tiny a square it's going to fold into. that it cost $30 in yarn and about $2000 in labor is....a plus, i'd say.
thanks for the inspiration, this is gorgeous.

Susan said...

Purejuice: I would love to see the afghan you make out of Palette. I sure hope you will post your photos to the group. Please please!

Alicia P. said...

Oh my gosh. Oh wow. It's awesome.


Leah said...

Looks just wonderful!