Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!! *jumps for joy* Sorry.
About a month and a half ago I put in a request at my local library that they get the 200 Ripple Afghan book, not actually expecting the to get it, or if they did that they wouldn't get it for some time. I got a call from the Library today! They bought one! And I get first borrowing of it!!! I am so excited I actually jumped up and down after I hung up the phone. I really can't afford one of my own, but at least I got the library to get one.
On to ripply goodness.
It has been a while since I posted, so I shall have to post before and current pictures.

This is before.

Everything but the light green and light yellow is Caron Simply Soft, the lt. yellow and lt. green are stash from a blanket I finished a LONG time ago.

This is current.

This is a close up of the ribby ripple. This take up soooo much yarn. The bright yellow is ONE skein of yarn. I am using a J hook for this one.

This is before. I have frogged this one down to the bright yellow.

This is current. I started a new ripple with the yellow I have been frogging, so I frog and crochet as I go. I am using a G hook for this one.

Thanks for putting up with me.
Tina from Book and Hook.

Updated: Why is it preview never shows how it will actually look?


Judy said...

What pattern are you using, Tina? Yarn-eating aside, I like the ribby ripples.

Book and Hook said...

I learned this pattern from a friend at a job a long, long time ago and I know the ends are not quite right but they seem to work out.
This is a front post double crochet, I like to do repeats of 10 because it is a nice even number. So, depending on the number of 'peaks' you want, times that by 20 (up=10, down=10) plus 3 more ch on the end.
Turn and dc in the second ch (this is the part I know is funky). This is the first dc. Then...
*Dc in the next 8 ch.
2 dc in the next 2 ch.
dc in the next 7 ch.
decrease twice, so 4 ch=2 dc.*
Repeat from * to the end of chain. I count 10 from 1 dc decrease, the 7 regular dc and then the 2 dc. Then 10 again from the next 2 dc, the next 7 regular dc's and 1 dc decrease. th first row should end just after a peak.
ch 1 and turn.
This is where you start crocheting the posts instead of the top loops.
Skip the last 2 dc's.
yo and go around the 3rd 'post' and dc it. This is your first dc, when you come back make sure and pick this one up because it will be hiding. The count on the ends is 11, no idea why, this is just how it was taught me. Feel free to change anything you want it this.
dc the posts for 8 dc
2dc the next 2 posts.
dc the next 7 posts and do the decrease.
repeat the increases and decreases to the end.
Again, after the last dc ch 1 and turn. You are going to be double crocheting the posts again, they are just a little harder to see. I haven't been doing a set muber of rows on this one, just whenever the yarn runs out I back up to the end and start a new color.
I have found that with this pattern the work will tend to curl really badly. I have found working with a bigger hook helps some, and it is usually just the first 6-8 rows before it starts to flatten out. It is also very thick and very warm.
Thanks for the interest!
P.S. Let me know if my instructions are confusing.

Anonymous said...

i really love your pattern it's beautiful

Judy said...

Thanks, Tina! I'll try it out and see if it works.