Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ripplin' Machine...

I crocheted 6 stripes yesterday. Thats roughly 6 hours of work. When I posted yesterday morning, I'd already added yellow and red and was starting the gray. Then I added the green, multi and bright blue. I love the last two together.

Today starts the chocolate chip ice cream yarn. Its a beautiful creamy tan with flecks of different browns in it. Subtle, yet lovely.

My ghan now measures 17.5". I'm absolutely addicted to this thing.

Yesterday was such a great day for me. It's been kind of dark and rainy for the last few days (hence the dark muddy pics), but yesterday was productive. In addition to doing 6 stripes, I also had a riding lesson where I jumped my first course of 5 jumps! *does a little dance*

Well, I'm off to start todays rippley goodness.



Daisy said...

That's so lovely riss. And congrats on the jumping!

Riss said...

Thanks! :D