Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Happy Rippley Wednesday!

I set my blanket aside on my desk and got this squiggle of color.

I am now about this far through second row of green. Then I will have, um, gray? and then a pale, pale, pink and then maybe a dark green. These wools are so interesting. The brown is Cascade 220, very soft and polished, the white and pink are fairly coarse and harsh, the white a little less so becuase I washed it. Now this green is some wool from the middle east that I bought on eBay and it has three plys, but they are not twisted together. I could separate it into a very fine yarn if I wanted. It has a glossy texture and is very nice to work with. I'll try for a close up next photo session. :-)

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PSBBDesigns said...

I decided to join in the ripple along.

I had been to Posie's site, and her work is so beautiful that I was inspired.

Batteries are charging, but I'll have WIP pics up soon.