Sunday, April 8, 2007

Old ripple turned new

I thought I would update with 1 project I have started from the frogged ripple sent to me by Maven. I was looking online at the many patterns on my favorite site. CPC *crochet pattern central* And saw their "food" section. So I was looking at all the patterns and saw this, Wake up and smell the yarn pattern. And thought it was too cute to pass up. And plus I had this wonderful darn brown yarn from Maven. Also the 2 "art deco" yarns *as my husband calls them... silly man* So the 2 multi yarns were used to make 'cups' and then each got some stuffing and then a 'coffee' top. So far we have a black and mocha with cream. The black coffee is currently getting a cup of cream to be added to the side.

So it made me wonder... what other projects have you all made from frogged ripples *or other UFO's*


Jess said...

Hi!! I would love to join in! (my blanket is already started!)


It's Me, Maven... said...


woolywoman said...

Me, Too! I'd like to ripple along. As for what I make from frogs- I don't! I usually just try to find a way to fix it while en route, as it were. I get pretty determined. Of course, If I haven't gotten far and I see a reall BIG mistake, then it was just a swatch anyway, you know?
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