Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'm Ripplin' A'ghan !

When I caught wind of the Ripple Afghan-along I couldn't resist. So I began a multi-colored one a few weeks can be found at my blog. I have put that one aside for now as I thought I'd make one for my daughter for her wedding shower. I am using Plymouth Encore as I *know* she will end up machine washing it at some point. The Encore is not too bad for an acrylic, in fact, kinda nice.
I have chosen 9 colors and have just completed the first repeat of two rows each color. It is 58" wide and 13" long at this point. Now my question is this, should I continue on with the same color repeats or should I randomly choose the order????
I love all the Ripples on this blog , they are all very inspiring!!


Rae said...

Randomly choose.

jessica said...

Great colors!

Tawana said...

Oooh pretty! Go with with randomness.

babette said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I began a new row last night and I am going random, It is difficult for me as I am such a *square* person. I'll post another progress pix in a week.