Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'm almost back!!!

Howdy ripplers!

I'm about halfway back from vacation. Currently fresh off the plane and freezing my tuckus off in Wisconsin. This snow thing is quite a shock once one is used to the balmy 80s gulf breezes in Tampa.

I'm taking a mo' on the in-laws' computer to catch up before we drive yet further north tomorrow. You're all looking great. It's so neat to scroll down through it all. Everyone has such a unique project. I want to start over and over and over again...walking in so many footsteps. I will so never have the $$ to make everything I want to!

Willl post more in the next few days...have some "ripples" of a wetter sort to share with you all, and I so want to get back to my blankets...I can totally face starting the round one again and am ready to roll with the serially frogged one too. I think it's just meant to be more patternish than random, and that's okie dokie. No sense in fighting what it wants to be, huh?

Do me a favor ripplers...if you've seen any comments from newbies wanting to join lurking round bout, let me know. I had for some reason thought I'd be having time to check regularly, but now it's quite the task, and I soooooo don't want to miss anyone!!!

Thanks, and will get back to you soonest! Dawn


Michelle said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a blast on vacation. I found this site and decided that I would love to join(that is if it's ok?) I haven't started my ripples but I did go buy the yarn that I picked out:) My name is Michelle and my email address is Please let me know if I need to get you anymore info. Thanks:)

Dy said...

Hi, I'd like to join too please, after daughter Meshell talked me into it. :-) I'm Dy and my email address is, and for now I'm making a ripple cushion. Thank you

-Pam L- said...

Me too.. Me too !
I've been rippling in secret over here. ;)

Lisa said...

I want to join too please! My email is dykstra.l at sbcglobal dot net. Thanks!
My blog is here:

JeanTownsend said...

I want to join if my star ripple afghan is ok. It started with a large star then granny corners but is all ripple all the time around the outside now. Picture on my blog at
I would really like to ripple with friends. jeantownsend at

kirsty said...

Hi Dawn
I'd love to join in! My blog is

email is kirsty at kirstenduncan dot com dot au

Nano said...
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Dawn said...

WHEW! michelle, dy, pam l, lisa, jeantownsend, kirsty and nano, your invites be on the way from blogger. Sorry for the delay. We're having a few probs reintegrating into our dreary minnesota lives it seems. Please let me know if you have any troubles getting on board. Thanks for coming by to play!


kyogadawn at visi dot com