Monday, April 9, 2007

i need help from you all!

OK. so i have been loving this knit-a-long. i have 2 ripples in the works. neither of which are picture worthy yet, but as soon as they are i will be posting updates!

i have been noticing that many of you have been using this book: 200 ripple stitch patterns by jan eaton. i have been lusting over it as well and have an amazon order ready including this but i am having some reservations. i read several bad comments about patterns being wrong. can anyone attest to this? or give me good feedback? i really want this book but not if there is a bunch of stuff wrong with it! HELP! Thanks in advance!


Michelle said...

I thought the same thing but went ahead and bought the book. I'm a much better knitter than crocheter so if it is a knitting pattern I know how to fix it. Crochet is a little harder for me. I had problems with the soft waves pattern but it might have been me. If you want to, you can read my blog to see what I had a problem with. In the end I think the book was worth it but make sure you do a gauge swatch so that you can catch problems early. Good luck, these things are addicting:)

LittleMissMeshell said...

How about checking at your local library to see if they have it? I was so excited to see that mine had it, I'm actually taking it back today. So then you can give it a 'test run' of sorts. =)

Nano said...

The book is very nicely put together. My "complaints" are, it's not really 200 stitches, it's just 94 with color variations. I can live with that. And 2 of the 3 crochet stitches I tried were wrong. I'm going to contact the publisher for some info on errata, if there is any.

Michelle said...

Nano, if you could, please send me the names of the ones that were wrong( would love to know if I'm the messed up one:)Thanks sooo much.I know that that is a big complaint(along with the fact that it really didn't have anywhere near 200 stitches) with this book. I don't mind as long as they post a correction some where, but they don't seem to have done that.
I did check the Dallas PL but they didn't have it in stock(really the DPL is kinda pathetic compared to other big cities...oh well), so I called a few B&Ns and found it there. But that is a great idea, maybe even call around and look for it at a Half Price books. I was just too impatient:)

-Pam L- said...

Here is here the potential corrections "should be":

Maybe contact them from there ?

Sorry you went down that road. Arg... I've done it too..just not this pattern.
I checked and 135 chains is the correct starting number.. so the error could have been any place along the way.
I cheat !
When starting any long, long chain.. I add a few extra chains..even though I use a marker every 50 ch. or so.. I still mess up.
By having a few extras.. IF I have miss counted.. I do not have to frog and repeat. The extra couple little chains just hang there ill one day when I'm in the mood to take a yarn needle and undo them.

To the OP.. I have not found any crochet pattern errors in this book "yet". :)
but then.. I cheat...;)

Michelle said...

Thanks Pam, I swear I counted and recounted the math. Made me feel I knew that it was right..(I really think that I counted the chain out right all times..I put stitch markers ever 20 chains)I'm going to be vague so that I don't mess with the copy write. So we all know ripples are increases and decreases. My problem was(I hope someone will tell me where I went's been so long since I crocheted) when it tells you to repeat between * and * then to do your turn(which was a few easy for me steps), it says that it is supposed to end with an increase. If you do a chain of 135(12times11 +3)it ends with a decrease? But then row 2 is right. So once I got around the fact that I was finishing the first row in the middle of a *to* I was ok? I hope I explained this right? Am I the only one that had this problem? Where did I go wrong? I can fix a knit pattern so quick, I would really like to get better at reading a crochet pattern.

Soooo I just found that little trick tonight. Ahhh. Why has no one told me this before? lol..Now I'm not so scared to start another crocheted blanket..

So sorry for the novel.It's late and I ramble when I'm tired..

hiccupp said...

That has been my reservation too...I'm REALLY wanting to get it, but read all over the internet that its full of mistakes, and that there are no corrections anywhere.

I'm waiting for it at my library. I was hoping maybe they'd publish some sort of pamphlet or website with the corrections, but I haven't seen anything yet. So the library for now. Hopefully it will be in in the next week :D

Mary J. said...

I did something very sneaky, which I'm not proud of, but alas... what the working poor will do to craft. I went to Borders and copied down the "soft waves" pattern from the book. Of course, it did have errors in it, which took much frogging to figure out. I'm glad I saved the $25. More $ for yarn.

So maybe Jan Eaton didn't make any $ off of me, but it's not like I'm selling the pattern or telling everyone her secrets. You would think they would have checked all the patterns carefully before publishing, eh?

Cecilia said...

I just got the book yesterday and have been post-it noting a bunch of pages.

I like the variety of yarn, in spite of not quite 200 different patterns, because the colors are inspiring. I now understand the "No End In Sight" part! :-)

Michelle, when I started my blanket I did 2 decrease sections in a row and ended up in the middle of the *and* part. I didn't realize in until my 3rd row! Just left those extra chains hanging and went on! duh! ripped back to half way on my starting chain to fix it. grr.

I'm the opposite of you, I can fix crochet patterns, but knitting has me lost still. :-)

nanaofnc said...

Reference checking your local library for the book, mine has it but it's checked out. But I'm next in line and have it reserved. Want to see what all the hoopla is about. :)

Sacred Quests said...

I just tried pg 117 Party time pattern. It only gives the peaks. Nothing about how many stitches to crochet between them. No info in between. As I started to create a circle of peaks I switched patterns. Probably can figure our as ripples tend to have similar structure but. I haven't made enough to know what to do yet. I'll try after I get through this one.