Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Going along

I'm rippling along using Mission Falls 1824 Wool. It's going well. However, my third and fourth color bands are looking loosey goosey. Any thoughts from anyone? I'm a crochet novice. I worked on it yesterday, put it down and came back. That's when the loosey thing occured. Maybe I'm slacking on my tension in an effort to spped things up?

Here are my colors.They are a bit brighter than they seem here.

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Judy said...

Pretty colors, Jill!

I know that when I was newer at crochet, I had trouble with tension. The tension tends to shift as your project develops more weight, too (because it starts pulling in the other direction). Make sure you are always tensioning the yarn in your hand in the same way--that should create more continuity.

If it makes you feel better, I recently got out a very old Granny afghan project that I started eons ago. The first few squares I did are much bigger/fluffier than any of the others, and the ones I did 5-6 years ago are a little less "firm" than a few I did last week. I'm probably going to have to go up a needle size because obviously my crocheting style has changed over the years.