Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finished One and Starting Another

I finished my first ripple and I've started a second. I have mixed feelings about the color in the first, which I wanted to use in my bedroom. I count this afghan as a learning experience.
Here are the specifics for it:

Susan B's Easy Ripple Afghan pattern
Caron Simply Soft yarn
Size I needle
Picked up one yarn in stitches so it would create the line (hope that makes sense)
Edged all the way around with one row double crochet

For this second one I am using the same pattern with these specifics:

Same pattern
Same yarn, more colors ( hope to buy a few more than what is pictured)
Using smaller hook--H
Catching both yarns for each stitch for a tighter weave.

Jane of Yarnstorm ripple is my inspiration for this one. The picture of hers is on the right. Thank you, Jane! I love your multicolors. I'm studying your picture to see what I need to add.

I shared more on my thoughts about these on my own blog today. I also shared a granny afghan that my mother made that is ever so precious to me. I would love for all you crocheters to see it.

I love, love, love seeing each and every one of your works of art, fellow ripplers!



Cecilia said...

I hear ya about more colors, next project, but I think your blanket is Very Pretty! Good job!

Book and Hook said...

I love Simply Soft yarns! Most all of my projects nowadays use it. Your mothers afghan is very pretty, and I like your ripple-ghan.

Mary said...

Wow, I love the colors you used, it's so pretty and feminine looking. I didn't know Simply Soft came in all those colors -- need to give them another look. I'm using it for my ripple too.

Priscilla said...

I like your finished afghan, too. The pastel colors really appeal to me. Right now, I'm using something like 15 different colors of Simply Soft in mine. I like it, but if/when I get it finished, I would like to make one more like yours, with fewer colors. I also like the colors in your second afghan.

Susan said...

Beautiful! And look how pretty it looks on your chair. Did you plan the colors from the chair?

Erin said...

I think your ripple afghan is beautiful. The colors are so vintage + a touch of retro thrown in. :)

Jenni-Raie said...

that's so nice. you've combined colours very well!

babette said...

I love the Retro colors of the pastel wave, looks very 50's...Love It!!!