Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hoppin' on the Ripple Bandwagon

Hello all you ripplers! I am so excited to be joining this blog and starting a ripple blanket of my own. You all have inspired me and your blankets are beautiful!!

As a little background: I began crocheting three or four years ago (my Mom taught me one summer), and since then I've bought several books (The Happy Hooker anyone? Love that book!) and waaaay too much yarn. I've also began to knit as well.

Here's my stash that I'm starting my blanket with, though I will have to hit the yarn shops eventually I think.... }:-)
Its a lovely jumble of different yarns, some acrylic, some not (I hope I don't have to wash it!)

And... drumroll please.... here's the start of my blanket! I am using a basic ripple out of a crochet stitch book from the 70's - given to me by my mom (I'll share a pic of it in my next post).

Well thanks for listening and a big thanks to Dawn for setting this wonderful blog up.

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monique said...

OOOHHH, that's just beautiful. I'm making an afghan using all kinds of colours this time. I have made one before that only had 2 colours. Looking at yours make me want to begin one in those colours too.