Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can I pick your brains again?

Ok, I've found my "magic pattern and color combo" and I'm rippling away. But silly me decided one row per color change...and by goshI've never had so many colors changes in one project in my life.

Normally I just knot my two colors and keep going but on this one the knots are obvious. I'm worried the whole thing is going to unravel after loving, little boy abuse. And I'm literally tripping over thread tails and getting tangled up like crazy.

What method are you all using to change your colors? And how the heck are you dealing with weaving in with those gazillion ends?


Annie's craft corner said...

Hi Trish, I have been taking the ends and crocheting them in when I start the new color that way you can't see anything and they stay and it avoids me having to sew ends in.


nutnoh said...

I'm crocheting the ends in with the new colour and then I plan on sewing the ends in good when I'm done (or I might do it at regular intervals as the blanket progresses). I can't get the ends in snug enough when I crochet them in.

Nancy said...

I'm also weaving in my ends as I go. Every few color changes so that I don't get tangled in them.

Have you thought about changing to 2 rows or 3 rows of each and then the last rows mimick the beginning ones that are singled?? Just a thought.

Nancy :0)

Trish said...

Thank you for the feedback everyone. I had started out crocheting the ends in as I go; I'll go back to that and I think I'll just go ahead and knot my new colors.

I suspect I'll be more likely to have a successful finish if I have less work to do at the end of it all! :O)